Infamous Musician Affiliate Program


Interested in joining the Infamous Musician Affiliate Program?

The info below will clarify everything you need to know from affiliate rates to payouts:

How it Works

To become an affiliate, visit this page to sign up.

Once your account is created, you will be given a unique ID. This ID can then be added to the end of a URL that you can add to your website. This will be used to track your affiliate sales.

When a visitor comes to Infamous Musician via your affiliate link, a cookie is placed for 7 days. Any purchase they make, within 7 days of visiting that link, will be awarded to you.

Lastly, when signing up for an account, your username will become your unique ID. This can not be changed so keep this in mind when creating an account.

The ID can be placed onto any URL. For example:

Affiliate Rates

Sales for the following items will pay the corresponding percentage of the final sale (before tax and shipping):

  • Courses: 20%
  • Merchandise (anything available on the Shop page): 5%


For example, if a visitor uses your affiliate link to purchase a course at $40, you will earn $8 from that sale (20% of $40).


Payouts for your affiliate sale earnings are paid out once a month on or about the 15th day of each month. Payouts are paid via Paypal and there are no minimum thresholds for payouts. Infamous Musician will take care of any fees associated with paying you via PayPal.

Please provide your Paypal email when signing up as an affiliate.

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