Getting Rid of that Unwanted Noise: Cheap Sound Absorption

Okay, so here’s a cheap method of sound absorption (different from soundproofing; it will not soundproof your room). This is meant to absorb sound waves and get rid of that excess reverb and unwanted noise reflections in your space. So anyway, a great piece of material for cheap sound absorption are moving blankets. They’re very dense and absorb sound waves well. I use them to encase my drum set to kill some of the sound reflection in my basement and give myself a dryer sound in my “drum room”. I will also sometimes use it to kill some reflections when recording vocals. You can get them at Harbor Freight. The ones I use are about $9 but Harbor Freight sometimes has sales for them which puts them at about $5-$6. Here’s and example of how I use them to surround my drum set.

I apologize for the dim light in the drum set pictures, I keep my drums in my basement and the lighting down there isn’t that great. But you can get kind of an idea of how I use it and what it looks like. It’s a great, cheap alternative to expensive, professional sound absorption material. So if you’re on a budget, definitely check it out!


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