Tips for bands or music artists before heading into the studio to record

So my band just finished up recording our latest single “Midnight”, you can check it out here(shameless plug 🙂 but anyway I wanted to give some tips and notes to focus on before you and your band or even someone just as a solo artist should focus on before heading into a studio to record your next great song.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – This is the most annoying and most obvious tip before recording but it needs to be said. Practice what you are intending to record as much as possible before you go to record. It will not only save you time, money, and frustration but you will be happy with the performance and come out with a better product because of it .
  2. Play To A Click -For some of you this may be obvious, to others you may be oblivious to this fact. This became quite apparent to us when we were recording, that we should be playing and practicing to a click much more at band practice. Our drummer was getting of time a little bit when recording and speeding up so that caused some frustration and took more time to get drum parts down. 
  3. Decide On Everybody’s Parts Before Recording – This is another one that became kind of apparent to us when recording the drums was we weren’t really settled on all the drum parts for the song. So that took time to come up with different drum beats for certain sections of the song. Sometimes in  practice it can be difficult to focus in exactly on what each band member is doing when you’re focusing on playing your instrument unless it is really apparent or obvious. So try to make a rough recording of everyone’s part in the song so you can all decide on what you like before you go record.

So there it is, a few tips for before you head into the studio. I’m sure I’ll think of a few after writing this but at least this gives you a start and hopefully you start making better recordings because of it. Happy recordings!

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  • Niklas J. Blixt
    Posted at 02:35h, 19 November Reply

    Word brother!

    This tips aren’t just applicable when you hire a studio to record. I think you should try to treat your home studio as if you where paying for the time spent to record. You don’t want to pay for rehearsal time in the studio!

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