Vivid Core Studio

Vivid Core Studio Built from the ground up. Located in St. Louis, MO. Follow us on Facebook at

Bryan’s Studio

Just want to share my first cheap build of recording studio.

Chris’ Libra Beats Studio

This where I work, sleep and spend most of my time.

Lin’s Studio

Not pictured is a five piece mic’d up drum kit

Srdjan’s Studio-in-Progress

Some upgrades are (hopefully) abput to happen soon 🙂

Lee’s Voiceover Booth

Bi-fold doors with acoustic foam panels located in the basement that is finished with carpet and drop ceiling.

Mini Studio

Don’t laugh! This budget workstation, or “Mini Studio” is great for adhoc recording and anyone can hop in and use it.

James’ Home Studio

Basic gear

Joshua’s Nightmare Studio

Electronic Music Production & Sampling Studio since 2001

Ruairí’s Student Studio

My mini studio in Dublin, Ireland

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