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Reverb Selling Tips Thank You Page


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In this PDF, I’ll discuss 5 tips to sell your gear (used or new) on Reverb fast. I’ll cover ways to make your listing great like how to take good photos and write a detailed description. I’ll touch on how to price your gear, using Reverb’s “Bump” feature, and listing your gear on other sites to increase your chances of selling it fast. Whether you’re selling used or new, you should find useful, actionable tips in this guide.

Be sure to come back here after you’ve read through it and let me know what you thought (in the comments below) or list any considerations you have to add.

5 Tips to Sell Your Gear on Reverb Fast

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2 thoughts on “Reverb Selling Tips Thank You Page”

  1. Your information is definitely valuable and is worth the read. For the most part the info is accurate except for the EBay portion. It appears that Reverb has driven down the Ebay fees and are now at 3.5% for musical instruments. At least that was the way it appears to me.
    Just another benefit of the free market system.

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