The Best Places To Sell Your Music Gear

The Best and Worst Places to Sell your Music Equipment

Want to sell your music gear fast and get the most money for it?

Then, you’re in the right place.

Throughout the years I’ve sold a bunch of my gear (guitars, microphones, drum equipment, etc.) either because I no longer had a need for it or I was just looking to upgrade. So I’ve clued in on the best places to sell gear (and some of the worst).

In this post, I’ll cover the best places to sell your musical instruments (and other music gear) to get the most money you can for them. I’ll also cover which places to avoid (unless you need the cash ASAP).

So without further ado, let’s get to it:

Sell Your Gear at These Places and Get the Most Money:

Make the Most Money on Craiglist


Signup to Reverb

One of the best places for buying used gear is also, not surprisingly, the best place to sell gear.

Besides the ease of use of Craigslist, the number one reason it is the best outlet for selling gear is that there are no seller fees. So whatever money you sell your gear for is all yours.

Even if someone offers you a bit less than what you original listed it as you’ll keep all of it (rather than having a fee taken out on sites like Ebay and Reverb).

Another bonus is not having to deal with the hassle of shipping out your equipment. You can easily just have the person you’re selling your music gear to meet you at your house or meet at some mutual place. It takes only a few minutes out of your busy day.

When you sell gear online you have to deal with the hassle of buying packaging products, properly packaging your gear, and then finding some time in the day to get to the post office or the UPS Store. Plus, if you didn’t price your shipping correctly in your listing, you may have to dip into your profit to cover anything extra.

Selling on Craigslist is simple, easy, and best of all you get the most value from your gear.

Reverb Has The Lowest Seller Fees

If you do decide to sell online, or just aren’t having any luck with Craigslist, then Reverb is a great resource.

I started using Reverb a few years or so ago and I love it. In case you’re unfamiliar, Reverb is an online auction site similar to Ebay yet specifically purposed for selling and buying music gear. Users are able to sell their used gear through Reverb. They have a great designed site and it’s very easy to navigate and use.


The best thing about Reverb, though, are the very low seller fees. Reverb charges the seller 3% on every item they sell as compared to Ebay where it’s a staggering 10%.

Reverb Listing Fees

However, don’t forget about Paypal’s processing fee, which is another 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Of all the other options out there for selling your gear online, Reverb has definitely been the best in my experience.

Having trouble selling your gear on Reverb? Then check out this FREE PDF, “5 Tips to Sell Your Gear on Reverb Fast”.

Click Here to Get the PDF


Avoid Selling Your Gear at These Places (Unless You Need the Money Fast)

Avoid Guitar Center (and any other used instrument store like Sam Ash, Music Go Round, etc.)

Guitar CenterWhile Guitar Center is a great resource to buy used gear for cheap, it is the exact opposite when it comes to selling gear.

If you’re really trying to get the most value out of your used music gear, then avoid selling your gear at Guitar Center and other similar retailers.

Their whole model, when it comes to buying used gear from people, is to buy extremely low in order to sell it back in their stores for a decent profit. The same goes for any other used music store (or pawn shop), they need to be able to ensure they can make a profit.

The model is very similar to GameStop buying back used games. It makes sense that these businesses want to offer you as little as possible for your equipment in order to make some money but it is not in your best interest.

You’re likely to get about 50% (if you’re lucky, it could be less) of what your gear is actually worth by bringing it to Guitar Center. Music Go Round, a used instrument store, will pay 40% to 60% of the value of your gear. That’s taken directly from their website. Don’t believe me? Chek it out here.

Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Music Go Round will all have similar offers for buying your used gear. So unless you really need the cash (they will give you a cash payment), then I would avoid selling your gear to them.

It’s much better to list on Craigslist or Reverb. Even if you sell your gear a bit below value, you’ll still make more than you would by selling it to Guitar Center or similar shops.

Avoid Ebay (and their super high seller fees)

Ebay Image

While again, another great resource for buying used gear for cheap, Ebay is anything but that for selling gear. Ebay’s seller fees are rather outrageous. When you sell something on Ebay you are charged 10% of your total sale value at the point of payment from the buyer.

This 10% fee is not just charged to the total value of the product but the shipping as well. This is pretty ridiculous since buyers don’t make anything from the shipping cost but they are charged a fee on it anyways.

To illustrate this point further let me present you with an experience of mine.

Not too long ago, I sold a Native Instruments Maschine MIDI Controller (I had the previous model) which sold for a total of $135.05 ($125 for the actual product and $10.05 for shipping). I was charged a fee of $13.51 ($12.50 on the product and $1.01 on the shipping).

Then don’t forget Paypal’s cut for processing the payment. Paypal charges 2.9% of the total value plus $0.30 per transaction. So for this sale, I “made” $135.05, but in my Paypal account, I got $130.83 (2.9% of $135.05 plus $0.30 take away from $135.05).

Oh, by the way, guess what? Who do you think owns Paypal? Ebay does. So, in case they were making enough from their seller fees, they also make even more from you from Paypal’s processing fee.

All in all, from that sale of $135.05, I had $17.73 taken away from me. While maybe that doesn’t seem like much, that’s over 13% off the final sale. That can really start to add up when you sell more expensive gear.

So again, try Reverb and Craiglist first before resorting to Ebay. Reverb is really much better for selling music gear online and they’ll only take 3% of your final sale.

In conclusion, sell your gear on Craiglist and Reverb if you want to get the most money for your musical instruments and other music equipment. Only resort to Ebay or shops like Guitar Center if you need the cash ASAP.

I hope this post was helpful to you and rather eye-opening. Let me know in the comments below what you thought and/or share any experiences you’ve had selling your gear at any of the places I covered.


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  • Brox
    Posted at 09:04h, 13 September Reply

    If you do sell online, it pays to research shipping options. I’ve found it’s really hard to beat the Post Office for cheapest fast shipping. However you still need to invest time to find best options. Regional Rate Boxes are where you can save the most on shipping. These are a class of flat rate priority mail and the post office supplies the box. You can even pickup priority mail packaging tape free at your post office. Not having to hunt for boxes and tape saves time and money. Get a food or postage scale to weigh your packages and you’re in business.

    • A. Gannon
      Posted at 14:22h, 06 September Reply

      Thank you, for this. My father passed away and I have a lot of gear to sell. I almost went into GC and Sam Ash. I have some stuff posted on letgo and offer up. I have to settle my parent’s estate so I hope to sell soon. I’ll check out those and maybe Marketplace. Thanks again,

      • Keith Sweatshop
        Posted at 16:59h, 27 September Reply

        Mercari isnt too bad either… and sorry for your lost, big dawg.

      • Julia
        Posted at 11:45h, 18 January Reply

        I could have written the same comment. My dad also died and has so much gear, most of which is expensive and really new.

  • Rather not to tell
    Posted at 01:21h, 15 November Reply

    You forgot Sam Ash their mode is to buy for 30% of the retail price and double their money selling fast, I work there and surprisingly loads of people sell to them.

  • Geral John Pinault
    Posted at 06:32h, 14 January Reply

    Craigslist is dangerous in that scammers want to mail you phony Cashier’s Checks! NEVER accept checks of any kind. Insist on Cash or Credit Cards or PayPal. Getting a Square D account is easy today… – GJP

  • Miro Leppelt
    Posted at 06:23h, 27 April Reply

    Hi Cody,
    Very interesting points there. Would you mind if I ask a question? I am starting an online guitar shop with gears and accessories, would you know what guitar gear, parts, accessories are selling the most? I mean anything from the guitar fan hat, t-shirt, necklace, to pickups, amps, strings, pins etc. Obviously, the main product will be acoustic and electric guitars but those are not that kind of a product that you would make real profit from, hence the price range and usually one guitar is for the lifetime, if you know what I mean. Looks like that you are pretty skilled in this industry so would appreciate an advice or at least opinion on this. Thanks Miro

    • Cody
      Posted at 13:02h, 27 April Reply

      Hey Miro,

      I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get exact sales numbers. You could try reaching out to Reverb. They might be able to provide a list of their most popular products or categories. I’m not sure. Another thing you could try is using Google Trends ( to look at search trends for keywords. So you could type “guitar strings” and see how and when people search for them. You could also try using Google Keyword Planner to find the search volume of a keyword to see how many searches are done a month for them. That might help show you the popularity of certain items. You’ll need an Adwords account for Google Keyword Planner. Hope that helps!

  • Johnny
    Posted at 21:33h, 25 June Reply

    Yeah you want to risk getting robbed blind by dangerous individuals using craigslist then roll the dice

    • Cody
      Posted at 18:38h, 26 June Reply

      I guess there’s always a chance with Craigslist but I’ve sold and bought many items on Craigslist (probably 100+) and have never had a problem. Of course, there are a few bad stories but those are rare. I would say for those who are using Craigslist, if you are nervous or skeptical about meeting a person, try to meet in a public place like a coffee shop.

    • Jim
      Posted at 02:03h, 20 October Reply

      The best and only place to meet someone from craigslist is in the parking lot of the local poilice station.

    • Ben Deane
      Posted at 22:13h, 11 August Reply

      Many local police departments have begun encouraging people to conduct face to face Craigslist transactions in the station’s parking lot. If any buyer has an issue with that, find another buyer. Also, busy gas station parking lots during the day are one of my go to transaction locations for Craigslist gear.

      • Jack Sparrow
        Posted at 11:37h, 03 January Reply

        I’m a Criminal, and I’d still rob you at the police departments lot. You guys think these cops are super heros or something. By the time you alert them to a problem.. I am long gone.

        • Criminal Buster
          Posted at 19:49h, 03 April Reply

          Not while I’m beating your ass in their parking lot drawing their attention.

        • pete moss
          Posted at 22:34h, 09 May Reply

          No you wont! you wont get jack, but you may get jacked…up!!!

  • Cathy
    Posted at 12:28h, 18 August Reply

    Hi Cody
    Won’t people want to try out the guitars b4 they buy in person? If we meet in a public place (which we’d prefer), that would not be possible.

    • Scott Miller
      Posted at 14:59h, 15 May Reply

      I’ve sold guitars to people who answered my Craigs List ad at both Starbucks and Wallmart parking lots. No prob their trying them out, even have a portable battery operated Micro Cube amp for the elec. guitars..

    • James A
      Posted at 14:21h, 25 June Reply

      I have always taken people to Guitar Center to try out guitars .. they never mind .. never even say a word .. lots of people, any amp you want to try … can’t lose.

  • Seth Tyrssen
    Posted at 19:30h, 22 August Reply

    So far, a really nice R.M. Olsen guitar I’ve got advertised on Craigslist — at a super bargain price — has had ZERO inquiries, and it’s been there about a month. Paypal (from Ebay) I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Used it twice, credit card got hacked twice. Ebay notified me in time, but I got to cancel cards and get new ones twice. Guess I’ll take a look at Reverb, and see if I can do any better there.

    • Scott Miller
      Posted at 15:08h, 15 May Reply

      Respectfully, Zero inquiries could be because of a lot of things other than Craigslist, the Price, the Look of the instrument, the Brand (I’ve been playing for 50 yrs. and I had to look it up), or the possibility that because this brand also sells kits, that you possibly put it together yourself. I don’t know. Recently sold two guitars on Craigslist.

  • Fabian Ouchterlony
    Posted at 17:47h, 28 September Reply

    Try Gumtree also

  • john richardson
    Posted at 07:49h, 14 October Reply

    i disagree with your reverb comment, reverb takes 10% just like ebay. check again and you will see there are 3 different charges that they take out the add up to 10%. that’s sneeky business if you ask me.

    • Cody
      Posted at 10:47h, 15 October Reply

      Hey John,

      What other fees are you referring to? I have not experienced this. Maybe you can elaborate a bit?

    • David Meagher
      Posted at 20:19h, 17 March Reply

      If you are using the Reverb Payment system, that might account for more fees over 3.5% and $0.25 per transaction. I read their payment terms and didn’t like them, so use Pay Pal instead.
      If you buy shipping from them, which IS a better deal than the P.O., then you’d be paying sale fee + payment fee + shipping charge and would look like a fat tab.

  • Anton Pinski
    Posted at 14:32h, 25 October Reply

    You’ve got some outdated facts, and you diss eBay pretty hard based on them.
    eBay doesn’t own PayPal; they broke apart completely in 2015. (
    Selling fees for musical instruments/gear are now 3.5%, an obvious competitive play against Reverb’s 3.5% fees. (

    • Cody
      Posted at 18:51h, 25 October Reply

      You’re right about eBay and Paypal no longer being together. However, regarding fees, according to eBay’s fee page, that 3.5% applies only to musical instruments listed in the “Guitars & Basses” category. Take a look:

      Have you experienced something different? Obviously, there are many more music gear items that don’t fit into that category that would still be charged a 10% fee.

  • Nadia
    Posted at 09:58h, 27 October Reply

    Hi Im new and need some advice as I’m selling a Schecter electric guitar, what is the fastest way as he needs to sell it out and get somecash asap

    • Cody
      Posted at 11:22h, 29 October Reply

      Try listing it on Craigslist and with the listing bumped.

    • Daniel Ford
      Posted at 00:31h, 20 November Reply

      What schecter is it? I may be interested in buying it depending on the model and if you still have it

  • juan noguera
    Posted at 05:43h, 29 November Reply

    What do you recommend to sell gear in Europe?

    • Cody
      Posted at 15:17h, 29 November Reply

      Hi Juan,

      I’m not familiar with the European market but I would try selling on Reverb if you can.

  • Nick
    Posted at 03:21h, 12 December Reply

    Does anyone if the Guitar Center or Sam Ash pay more if I decided to trade my instruments in for other items? Also, where’s a good place to buy a box for a flying v case?

    Posted at 18:35h, 18 January Reply


    • Cody
      Posted at 11:54h, 19 January Reply

      Hi Ty,

      There isn’t anything like this that I know of. Reverb has a price guide that can help you identify the value of your gear. So you may try that. Outside of that, you’ll have to just look the item up on sites like Reverb, eBay, Craigslist, MusicGoRound, etc. to see how much the item sells for.

    • David Meagher
      Posted at 20:13h, 17 March Reply

      I always check the listings on eBay using the “sold” check box filter for the item in question.
      I also sort the results by date. Obviously what an items sold for in the last 3 months is more relevant than what they sold for 6 months ago.

  • Abel Angel
    Posted at 21:53h, 29 January Reply

    Craigslist would’ve been a good idea supposing there was a way of getting to know exactly who you are dealing with. I was robbed trying out a craigslist transaction at gun point and almost shot to death on Aug 2. I wouldn’t advice any one trading on craigslist unless you have security measures to protect both your life and your properties.

  • loco
    Posted at 08:13h, 18 February Reply

    eBay died long ago. Reverb is sneaky in that it limits local sales by not being locally searchable and their fees do add up, as do their policies. Craigslist is probably the best way to go at this time, but things change. Craigslist actually reduces risk of fraud, helps to ensure quality and more realistic economy as well as being more environmentally sustainable.

  • Bob Jones
    Posted at 02:04h, 12 March Reply

    You can also sell equipment through music instrument buy/sell groups on Facebook.

  • ReverbSucks
    Posted at 13:49h, 14 April Reply

    reverb is not a good place to buy and sell AT ALL!

    I will take Ebay’s 10 percent to be able to actually make deals without the subpar intrusive basic system on Reverb.

    Reverb is for kids.

    • JohnnyB
      Posted at 15:19h, 10 November Reply

      I sell a lot of high-end guitars, and ebay is far too dangerous a market for that. There’s a reason so many of the big-dog guitar sellers long ago abandoned ebay. I do quite well on Reverb, although I agree their system is pretty basic. If you know what you;re doing, Reverb is the best place to get top dollar.

  • Charity Schwartz
    Posted at 21:00h, 15 April Reply

    I have a la Patrie presentation trans black six string acoustic guitar. I have seen some of the la patrie guitars that are quite expensive. I have googled looked at eBay IT looked like someone sold on auction over a hundred dollars. I would like to find what a fair price is for it or just find out its actual value is. All help would be appreciated. A friend of mine has breast cancer the bills are piling up any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • Cody
      Posted at 22:04h, 15 April Reply

      Hi Charity,

      I would recommend checking out Reverb’s pricing guide or just searching for the item on Reverb, eBay, Music Go Round, Craigslist, and Google to get an idea of what it might go for.

  • Nick Oshana
    Posted at 21:58h, 02 May Reply

    Want to sell one of my Binson EchoRec(PE-603T6) so studied Reverb(even asked them questions & 1/2 answered). Not over whelmed. Use to do EBay, got burned by seller who threatened to report me if I did not pay to return a vintage item sold no return. He also swapped out a part! NO love for them either. A guy in our state tried selling a Laptop on CL at a “public place” McDonalds AT LUNCH! HE STILL was robbed! Maybe selling in a Police Dept would be safe??

  • Joe Average
    Posted at 07:08h, 16 October Reply

    Craigslist is a total waste of time in South Florida. Scammers, utter cheap a-holes who want your gear for nothing OR the absent minded neanderthals who sell their gear for Ebay prices! Ive used Reverb and it beats Ebay by a mile. Great customer service and so far the sellers and buyers are all easy to deal with because they probably hate Ebay and CL as well!

    • CCBrotherhood
      Posted at 08:14h, 11 January Reply

      The only issue on Reverb and all online is the RETURN Gearheads who get a meth-like buzz shopping, dont have much money, get the gear and realize it doesnt make them sound “magical” and want to return it …saying somethings wrong with it.

      All the Fleabay and Reverb sites tend to side with the Buyer… REFUNDS & shipping loss blows!

  • Derek Dewitt
    Posted at 11:56h, 01 November Reply

    I have some old music equipment I need to sell, so thanks for sharing this. You make a good point about how selling online meals you have to go through the hassle of packing and shipping the items. I’ll have to find a local pawn shop that offers good prices so I don’t need to worry about it.

    • Anthony Baker
      Posted at 19:09h, 08 November Reply

      try They only charge 2% of the final sale price and you can list as many products as you like.

  • Tripp McIver
    Posted at 13:53h, 05 December Reply

    Reverb is way too big. They own Chicago Music Exchange and their fees have become just as bad. They are bad news. Long story… Try the Gear Page or Facebook. You can list to many local musician exchange sites in any part of the country through Facebook.

  • Greg Becker
    Posted at 17:03h, 28 December Reply

    Actually, eBay does 3.5% selling fee on music equipment now.

    Source :

    Posted at 14:39h, 31 January Reply


  • Charles Mayer
    Posted at 21:10h, 12 March Reply

    Sharon, sorry for your loss. I would highly, highly recommend not selling anything to a physical store (Guitar Center, Sam Ash, any pawn shops, etc.). I literally just got off the phone with Guitar Center to see what they would pay for a Strymon “El Capistan” and “Flint”. The guy was at least very honest, and told me they’d have to look at it and test it out (which is completely fine/normal), but that even if they were brand new and there were no issues, they would buy items for about 40%-50% of the listed price for the condition. So, if I sold my brand new Strymon “Flint” at Guitar Center, if the pedal cost $290 for me to buy, they would buy it for $120-$145. The guy was really nice and honest, and told me that if I wanted a fair deal that selling anything there and most physical stores is not a good idea. It’s only “good” (I say that hesitantly) if you need immediate cash.

    My personal experiences have shown me that Reverb is the best way to get the most money for your musical gear. For example, I can sell my $290 pedal for $270 + shipping (or free shipping if you want to sell it asap), and you will receive a payout of probably about $245-$255 (fees taken out from Reverb, PayPal if used, and depends on how you choose to ship). You’ll be getting between $110-$125 extra selling on Reverb than going to any physical store (at least the main ones that everyone knows about).

    The money arrives quickly as well, it’ll be in your account a day or two after you create the shipping label to send it in the mail. So, unless you need money today that is a known rip-off, you can sell it on Reverb and potentially get the appropriate amount 2 days or so after someone buys it. Use the “Reverb Bump” to always have your listing at the top of the lists of other sales for the same gear, and it typically sells quickly. Just price it according to its condition, which means how it plays and how it looks (paint chips, scuffs, drawings on it, etc.) and list every detail about it, even if it has no bearing on how it plays (e.g., pedal has one velcro strip on back, or guitar has loose volume knob that occasionally falls off). This covers yourself, and will not make any buyers mad when they receive what they bought because they are expecting it. One last thing, there is the option to be open to negotiate the price with buyers. The cons are that you will be bombarded with insultingly low prices by buyers who either don’t know anything, are trying to take advantage of a new seller or desperation, or are just plain cheap. The pros are you will have more people trying to purchase your item, and you can use your awesome negotiating skills to sell it just below what you listed it for. As someone who doesn’t know about musical gear and their appraisals/costs, I would not advise anyone who is not at least somewhat knowledgeable about the gear they are selling to use this option. Best of luck, and don’t settle for a very low price out if convenience! Get as much as you can, as I would imagine you would want to sell for a fair price that takes days longer, but will help twice as much financially for all of the things you now need to do. Good luck, and don’t sell it to a physical store!

  • Brian Cheney
    Posted at 18:54h, 18 March Reply

    I just sold my old saxophone from high school on Reverb and it sold in a few hours for market rate – wow. So pumped! Thanks for this article.

  • Thomas Masciulli
    Posted at 13:04h, 14 April Reply

    Hello all,

    Actually GuitarCenter only pays you 50% of what they sell that item for used online and they will give you 60% of what they sell it for used online if your going to buy something right then and there from them.

    I have done many deals with GC and know without a doubt that is how it is everywhere. I will supresse urges for new gear and sell my old gear 1st on craigslist before dealing with them. I was just gas’ing for new gear.

    Also is your selling gear on craigslist my it mandatory to speak with the person on the phone and feel them out. I can tell in 3 seconds if your a gearhead and know what your talking about. If somebody doesn’t know anything about gear selling or buying it’s your own stupidity for being robbed. Sorry truth hurts it’s a cold world sometimes.

  • Musician Madness
    Posted at 02:57h, 27 June Reply

    This is really very specific information about the places of music equipment include best & worst. People will come to know exact path of musical world. Great Information . Thanks for Providing,

  • Victor S
    Posted at 23:30h, 29 June Reply

    Cody, seems to me the sooner the brick and mortar music store goes under for good the better according to your thought process. Do you have any idea how much consumers still enjoy going into a store and actually have the chance to hold, play and look at great used gear? They LOVE it! Also there is a culture and community within these stores. But, how dare they try to make enough profit to keep they’re stores stocked, provide a decent lifestyle for their staff or keep the doors open. But hey., I’m sure your well aware of all this since your the used gear tell all. Except you keep referring a majority of these questions back to the very stores your telling people to avoid?

  • Harry Kelley
    Posted at 19:06h, 29 July Reply

    Craigslist is still the best place to find a deal. Please stop being scared of craigslist, I have met hundreds of people and been all over and, I have never encountered anything but decent everyday people.. I have made many friends and met some very unique musicians. Life is not 100% safe that doesn’t mean we have to be scared of people.Before C.L. there was a classified ad killer I am sure, Enjoy the world around you and , use common sense, you will do just fine.

  • Nancy
    Posted at 20:35h, 17 August Reply

    Any advice about how to sell an unusual folk-music instrument? The prior comments are very interesting but they all focus on selling guitars or relatively common music equipment.

    I need to sell a very beautiful cimbalom (a kind of European hammered dulcimer) handcrafted by an American artisan/musician. I don’t think potential buyers of something like this will be looking on Reverb, based on what is shown on their website. But I could be wrong, and hope someone will speak up if they have sold anything unusual via Reverb in the past.

  • David Paul
    Posted at 12:05h, 20 August Reply

    I have a 1962 Fender Jazz Bass that I’d like to sell. Any suggestions?

  • M Z
    Posted at 01:18h, 07 September Reply

    I have a Rickenbacker Transonic amp excellent shape I won it in the Budweiser Showdown in “83”. Has a serial no. 001 Led Zeppelin, AC DC,
    loved them what’s a good site to sell an amp like this?

  • Tina grey winters
    Posted at 20:42h, 24 September Reply

    Meet at your local police station if your scared of public people. And or bring a few of your giant buddy’s with you to wack the dude if he gets stupid. Funny you say get robbed. Cause you do get robbed at pawn shops etc, that’s the point … Or go to the gym and take roids another option. Stop being afraid because some dude with a 30k rolex met in some shady ass parking garage with a broken light bulb got robbed and cried all the way to abc7 news. And blamed a FREE FUCKIN web site. Good luck dice guy.

  • Yoyo
    Posted at 17:14h, 01 December Reply

    Reverb is 3.5% and they push you now to bump it up 2 or their “”recommended”” 3 % , which seems not too bad till you sell a guitar for 10g and loose E550 before you use Paypal which now charge over 3% too.

  • Lag
    Posted at 18:24h, 05 December Reply

    How do you figure out the cheapest and best way for shipping a guitar.

  • Lag
    Posted at 18:29h, 05 December Reply

    I have a large collection of electric guitars, wondering how to sell them and how to ship

  • Robert White
    Posted at 03:44h, 09 December Reply

    Ok, Music Go Round also sells gear on and I realize that Music Go Round will offer between 40%-60% for buying our used gear…. So if they’re selling a guitar for $599.00 plus $50 shipping on Reverb then what should I offer???
    Please don’t tell me an approximate percentage, just tell me a straight up price.
    (Yes, they have a guitar for that much that I want right now. it’s been listed for 2 months w/no offers and 9 watchers.) Thanks, bob

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