The violin is an elegant instrument that requires a certain amount of maintenance as an owner. One of these tasks is to properly tune the instrument. Like other string instruments, such as guitar or bass, the violin requires precise tuning to be played correctly. This article... is one of the most popular places for musicians to sell their used and new music equipment. The site is highly reputable with a neat and organized layout that makes it incredibly easy to buy, as well as list your instruments for sale. While...

The ukulele is an instrument incredibly prevalent in pop culture. While many use the instrument for casual strumming at a bonfire on the beach, there are actually plenty of more serious musical applications for the instrument. The baritone ukulele can be found in notable songs such...

A capo is an extremely useful tool in any guitar player’s repertoire. It is clamped on the fretboard of a guitar, typically acoustic but sometimes electric, to raise the pitch of the instrument and allow the player to instantly change the key of the instrument. These...

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How To Record Vocals At Home

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